Program for Cubic checkers

We offer a program for playing and studying of Cubic checkers. This program can be free downloadedorm this site. Since the program is pure written in java, it is platform independend. It requires Java Runtime Environment for Java 2 SE, version 1.3 or higher.

Properties of this program

  • Game of two players on one computer
  • Game of two players via WWW server
  • Game of two players via special data server
  • Replaying of sample games
  • Storing and replaying user games
  • Three looks of the cubes
  • Game againts the computer

Versions of the program

The program is currently available in two versions. Limited demo version as an applet in this pages and stand-alone application for your personal use. Extended features of the program, currently game againts the computer, can be activated if you pay an activation fee and import a licence code. The demonstration applet is not intended for downloading.

Differences between the demo and the stand-alone version are transparently shown in the table bellow.

Demo version Basic version Extended version
Two players game YESYESYES
Two players via WWW server YESYESYES
Two players via proper server NOYESYES
Sample games YESYESYES
Storing and replaying of user games NOYESYES
No. of looks of the cubes 133
Game against the computer YES, len ako bielyNOYES
Downloadable NOYESYES
Price ---Free Free